Just an ordinary young woman of color totally unaware of my exceptions. I was wasting hours underneath the threat of a straightening comb. In the face of hooded dryers, I became trapped in a vicious cycle of perms, straitening irons, and over-processed hair, both techniques leaving me burned. My days were all about trying more and more beauty tools and chemical products on my skin and hair. Like every other teenage girl, I was influenced by popular trends, fashion, and even political correctness. It was a constant struggle to be socially accepted. The hard chemical products were causing excessive breakage and more damage to my hair. The skin condition was even worse. I remember taking the most traumatic decision of my life which was to cut my hair short. I was being so hard on myself to meet the so-called beauty standards. God!! It was immense pain. At that point, my mother told me what I needed to hear the most, she said ” In order to take care of your body you have to be gentle to yourself first “

Somehow every woman can relate to my story because all of us have faced these things in our lives. For me, it was a turning point. I decided to leave all the toxic chemicals and beauty tools behind to free myself from the pain of an unhealthy lifestyle. After adopting a healthy lifestyle, I found out that plants have all the goodness needed to take care of our skin, hair, and body. I wanted to help every woman out there who was struggling to meet the rigorous beauty standards. And that’s how I started this line “True Touch Collections.”

I have gathered a comprehensive team of professionals who work day and night to provide all-natural, clean, and healthy botanical products to free you from all the compromises.
We understand that this transient jump into a cleaner and more sustainable you requires tremendous courage. Our mission is to be as supportive as possible to our customers in this amazing transformational journey. We want you to be gentle to yourself. Love yourself the way you are

“Real beauty lies in exceptions and not stereotypes

.”Renee S. King



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