True Touch Collections is more than just a beauty brand; it seeks to understand people, their passions, their pain, and their struggles.  Our core values, bind us all together that are:

  • Understanding: Our heart is always open to accept and support what other people feel.
  • Innovative: Innovation = Continuous Progress. We constantly work to adopt new ideas and methods to provide the best results while meeting the needs of the time.
  • Loving: True Touch Collections is much deeper than a health and beauty brand. Love is infused in the roots of everything we do or create that enhances your ability to love yourself more.
  • Caring: We deeply care for humans and our environment. This value is echoed throughout our strategies and production. We put our clients and the planet above all.
  • Safe: For us, safety is not a value, it’s a lifestyle. We are devoted to making the safety of our planet, clients, and employees a priority.
  • Education: We believe it is our responsibility as a community stakeholder to share supportive role concerning sustainability awareness within our underserved minority communities regarding the importance of health,  environment, economic and social sustainability initiatives .





COVID-19 update: True Touch Collections LLC.continues to deliver! Find out what we are doing to ensure your shipments are delivered reliably and safely.