True Touch Collections is a US based personal care and beauty brand that focuses on a principle belief that natural beauty begins from within. Keeping with our core founding principles in 2016, we set out to create several botanical based brands that would encompass the True Touch Collections key commitment to provide natural clean and safe botanical personal care product lines. Our foundations are built on great products and the value of self-love, self-awareness and the empowerment to achieve one’s own inner fulfillment of their define beauty.  Natural beauty begins from within.

True Touch Collections has created a line of all natural botanical based personal care brands; Trueness, Nectar of Sol, Trueness Blue, and Trueness Titan for men.  All of our brands include an assortment of botanical organic clean and all-natural shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps and body fragrances.  These product lines demonstrate our commitment to provide clean products built on the foundation of natural ingredients.  We believe our principles that capture the mantra that natural  beauty begins from within.

Each product line is infused with a unique assortment of botanical based high quality organic proteins and minerals that are derived from Aloe, Coconut oils, and Sunflower seed oils from some of nature’s best ingredients. These natural organic vegan and gluten free all natural products that work together to achieve a natural balance and strength from within, therefore  leaving your hair and skin beaming with optimal health.


COVID-19 update: True Touch Collections LLC.continues to deliver! Find out what we are doing to ensure your shipments are delivered reliably and safely.