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Hair Care During Winter

Hair Care During Winter

Having great looking hair requires a lot of care especially at extreme temperatures and difficult weather conditions. If you want to avoid that, the only solution would be spending the whole winter indoors. But we all know this is not an option. This is why professionals in hair care came up with a few solutions that can help preventing and treating the damages caused by freezing temperatures, by rain and snow, by wind and why not by the hat we have to wear everyday.

Hydrating the hair is extremely important because the windy weather can dry your hair so much that it may tear to pieces. Furthermore it is recommended when the hair is exposed to extreme temperatures like when you come from the freezing weather outside into the well heated home. These variations can be damaging to the structure of the hair and not to mention to the way it looks like.

Using the blow-dryer at a medium temperature or even avoiding it can be a real life savior. It is enough what it has to go through because of the weather conditions. Using a blow-dryer at really high temperatures can be like adding torture to your hair. You will end up in having a really dry hair. Moreover you should stay away as much as possible from the curling or the straightening iron too.

Wash your hair as often as necessary. Usually people avoid washing it too often during the cold season, but wearing a hat, a cap or even a scarf can make the sebum level go really high. Actually washing the hair frequently is recommended during all the seasons, simply because dirt or sebum can damage both the hair and the skin causing dandruff.

Use professional hair care products. It is not enough to stay away from the snow or rain, or to avoid extreme temperatures. There are specialists who designed care products that can help your hair get back its glow and healthy texture. Make sure that your shampoo is hydrating enough and never forget to apply a conditioner after rinsing the shampoo. Some hair stylists even recommend a leave-in conditioner to avoid the static effect. From time to time apply a masque that will repair and strengthen your hair.

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